Low back pain in the overhead athletes: Evaluation and treatment based on movement system

      Abstract Introduction: Low back pain (LBP) is a common problem in sports. There is high risk for back pain occurrence in athletes. The knowledge about LBP in overhead athletes is limited. The Movement System (MS) approach is based on association of symptoms and incorrect movements of the spine. The main goal [...]

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Training of flexion and rotation of the lumbar-sacral spine based on Kinetic Control

      Abstract ntroduction Various methods of rehabilitation are used at present; among which Kinetic Control is constituting as one of the concepts and according to which it is important to test the patients during functional training in order to determine their preferred direction of motion and weak links in the kinetic chain. [...]

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The Effectiveness of Lumbar Extensor Training: Local Stabilization or Dynamic Strengthening Exercises. A Review of Literature.

      Abstract Background: Deconditioning of the lumbar extensor musculature (lumbar erector spinae and multifidus) is a risk factor for low back injury and pain. The article presents various aspects of scientific reports which confirm the effectiveness of lumbar extensor exercises. Material and methods: The articles to be reviewed were extracted from the [...]

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Changes in Sports Injuries Incidence over Time in World-class Road Cyclists

      Abstract This is a descriptive epidemiologic survey on all traumatic and overuse injuries which occurred in 2 groups of male elite road cyclists based on retrospective clinical interviews and physical examinations. The historical group consisted of 65 professional road cyclists surveyed from 1983 to 1995. The contemporary group included 65 elite [...]

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Movement pattern and muscle balance as a source of lumbar spine health according to the concept of Kinetic Control

        Abstract Introduction Since the beginning of the 21st century rehabilitation has developed rapidly, however still many patients report problems of the musculoskeletal system. Aim The aim of the study was to analyse motor control of the lumbar spine according to different movement patterns and chooses the best exercise for abnormal [...]

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